When going through Hack Reactor, I needed to generate 10 million unique records and supply them to a database.

At first, as a naive approach, I generated data points, added them to an array, and used a method of the DBMS (database management system) to add the entire array to…

When writing a program, it’s usually most convenient to save variables in memory. Code gets executed synchronously, and everybody’s happy. However, there comes a point that you cannot save all data in memory — maybe it’s way too much data to keep in the browser. Maybe you don’t need all…

What are APIs?

Imagine a world where information on the internet stayed on its own website. YouTube videos lived only on YouTube, news articles only lived on news websites, and cat memes only lived on photo sites, among many other differences. Social media, for example, would be a shell of its current self.

When I started coding, most functions I used were pretty basic: convert A to B by performing some operations on it, and get out. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then, as the problems got more complex, more operations were needed. And with that original mindset, my code was about to get…

Turner Kraus

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